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Fuentes de Poder CliQ

Fuentes CliQ


In the automatic production process, the power supply is the basic component which requires high stability and safety protection functions. The new DVP series and CliQ series high-efficiency and stable industrial power supplies are the latest offering from Delta Electronics, the world’s largest power supply manufacturer as well as the leading power management solution provider with our professional design and experiences.

DVP series & CliQ series power supplies are the latest offering from Delta Electronics. The product offers a nominal output voltage of 24V, a wide temperature range from -20°C to +75°C and a minimum holdup time of 20ms. The state-of-the-art design is made to withstand harsh industrial environments. The rigged, ultra-compact case material is shock and vibration resistant according to IEC 60068-2. The power supply provides overvoltage, overload and thermal protection. The wide input voltage ranges from 85 to 264VAC (1 phase) and 320 ~ 575VAC (3 phase), and the multiple terminals are for fast wiring and easy installation.


Overload Protection ‧Overvoltage Protection ‧Short Circuit Protection ‧Thermal Protection ‧RoHS Compliant ‧Redundancy: Yes (with external oring diode) ‧Output Voltage Adjustment ‧Expected Lift Time: 10 years (for CliQ series) ‧Warranty: 3 years (for CliQ series) ‧Surge Load ‧Dynamic Load ‧Start Up Current, Hold Up Time & Rise Time